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Beer Cheese Dip

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Yes! That is right a gluten and dairy free BEER CHEESE DIP!!! This recipe only calls for 4 ingredients. It is so simple!


6 Cups Dairy Free Cheddar Shreds (if you don't have a Costco membership and can't get the big bag of cheese, you will have to buy at least 3-4 8oz bags of cheese from the grocery store)

1 gluten free beer

1/2 tbsp garlic oil

Below are the brands I suggest you use for this recipe. Violife cheese and cream cheese. Red Bridge beer is my favorite gluten free beer and it's not a cider!

These are the brands I suggest using for this recipe.


1) In a large pan add all the ingredients. Turn heat on low-medium.

2) You will have to watch this carefully so it does not burn. Continuously stir until cheese is fully melted and ingredients are fully combined.

3) Turn heat down if you think it is sticking to the bottom or burning.

I used this dip for a few days. It makes a decent sized batch. Once it was done I put it in a crock pot on low and we snacked on it all day. Great for a party dip and chips. My son and nephew loved dipping their french fries in it. You could also try pouring it on your favorite hot sandwich. Mix with your favorite salsa for a quick queso and pour it on your taco!

If you have left overs and put this is the fridge and reheat it. I suggest reheating it in a pan on the stove. It will seem clumpy when reheating but once it is fully warmed back up it will become smooth again.

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