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   Hello! My name is Ciara and it is so nice to meet you! I have been creating and experimenting with food for as long as I can remember.  I have a boy who is the funnest little man you will ever meet!  A couple years ago I found out he was lactose intolerant.  I also recently was diagnosed with IBS.

   It has been a long journey trying to figure out both of our health issues.  I started us both on a dairy free diet to start.  I then started doing my own research about gut health and IBS.  I started the Low FODMAP diet and the results were amazing.

   My anxiety was reduced, my insomnia was completely gone and my all over mood and mental health were improved.  I could dramatically tell the changes my son was having being on a dairy free diet.  He wasn't as moody, tired or having bathroom issues.  My recipes consist of gluten free, lactose free, dairy free and Low FODMAP choices.  I am still growing but am loving the journey I am on!

Ciara B.

Mom, blogger, and recipe creator.

   Going home to visit my family and cooking for them brings me such joy!  My favorite time to cook for them is Christmas Eve.  For a few years now I have been making a steak and seafood dinner for Christmas Eve.  It has become a tradition I have absolutely fallen in love with.

   If our gut is unhappy we will be unhappy.  If our taste buds are


sad we will be sad.  I love colorful dishes!  The more colorful the more likely it to taste the best!  Keeping your tummy and taste buds happy are very important!  I have had friends and family encouraging me to start a food blog but I have been too scared to do it.  But not anymore! I am going to steer myself in the direction I want to go.  I want to share my talent with you. I hope you all enjoy my recipes and what my site has to offer.  Thank you!

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