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Homemade Refrigerator Salsa

Medium heat. Gluten, dairy and garlic free. This salsa is garlic free so it is easier on the stomach.


3 large tomatoes

1 large green pepper

2 large jalapeños

1 cup diced green onions

2 tbps chopped cilantro

1 tbps white vinegar

2 tps roasted garlic oil

1 tsp salt


1) Dice tomatoes into small cubes. Pat extra tomato juice with paper towel. Put in large bowl.

2) Dice green pepper into small pieces. Put in the large bowl.

3) Do not deseed jalapeños. Dice into small pieces. Put in the large bowl.

4) Using a kitchen scissors cut/chop cilantro and green onions. Use green parts only on onions. This is less of a gut irritant. Put in large bowl.

5) Add vinegar, garlic oil, and salt into the large bowl. Mix well.

6) Refrigerate over night before serving.

7) Enjoy with chips, tacos or any dish of your choice!

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